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Venite et videbitis!

From August 26 to September 11, 2022.

Susteren’s ‘Heiligdomsvaart’ 2022

The 500-year-old tradition of ‘Heiligdomsvaart’ (Pilgrimage of the relics) is held in Susteren once every seven years. For fourteen days, Susteren becomes the place at which culture, history, and religion converge. During the Heiligdomsvaart, the village welcomes many tens of thousands of visitors who come to watch the open-air play (ten performances) and the ‘Reliekenstoet’ (relics procession).

About the Heiligdomsvaart

Heiligdomsvaart is the dominant cultural activity in Susteren once every seven years. The origins of the Heiligdomsvaart in this region date back to the 15th century.

The open air game

Performed in an open-air theatre by over 150 actors against the backdrop of the imposing, centuries-old Basilica of St. Amelberga.

The relics procession

The Heiligdomsvaart started in Susteren. Once every seven years, the village is dominated by this religious, cultural event. 

500 years tradition
Photo/video impressions

Heiligdomsvaart Susteren komt mede tot stand dankzij:

Provincie Limburg
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